General Assembly’s Web Development Immersive

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Programming Fundamentals

Understand how to set up your development environment, work efficiently as a developer, and make your projects a success. Learn programming fundamentals, along with the basics of computing, networks, and data structures.


The Basics of Product Development

Define what a user should be able to do with your app, appropriately model your data, develop simple wireframes, and learn to track a collaborative development process using version control.


Front-End Web Development

Before you start working with cutting-edge libraries and frameworks, gain an understanding of how to write high-quality JavaScript code. Learn to build a dynamic, front-end to your web application using a modern JavaScript library, and use CSS to layout and style your application.


Back-End Web Development

Build web applications from the ground up using Ruby on Rails, a modern web language and MVC framework. Build quality APIs using Node.js and integrate data from other apps (like Twitter or Yelp) into your project.


Working with Teams

Learn to collaborate with others to produce high quality software as you work with a team to develop, maintain, change, and secure an application.



Building A WordPress Portfolio

Started building my portfolio using WordPress. WordPress is extremely easy to use, and the documentation is very informative. I am following a youtube tutorial, WordPress Theme Development by LearnWebCode.

WordPress is proving very useful in the aspects that the user does not have to hand roll anything if he/she does not want to, security could not be easier and requires no implementation, and presents no issues working cross-platform. So far, my experience with PHP leads me to the conclusion that it can be used in the same philosophies as one would use embeded JavaScript. It is very easy to get a site up and running or sandbox concept build with WordPress. The dashboard is extremely intuitive and user friendly. The end result, seems to me, a well organized and modern display of dynamically updated content behaving similarly to a single page application, reminiscent of AngularJS.